In the Mundane: a 2013 Photologue

2013.  I did things I have never done before. I failed. I succeeded. I learned to drive to overcome a trauma. I scaled four mountains. And paid the physical pains after. I finally started a charity. I moved to another country. I tried to eat insects in a foreign street, but realized I could only take their photos. I had been strong. But I realized that to be stronger, I had to  acknowledge my weakness. I bought a ticket to Vietnam. I wasn’t on my flight to Vietnam. I met a monk and I did not know how to talk to him. I have eaten a crocodile (meat!). I have traveled through a fog in the mountain in the dead of night. I lost three dogs. I braved the Khmer roads on a bike where the rules were “there are no rules!”

2013. Despite its challenges, was a good year. For all the things I did, never did, or watched what others did, I became a better observer. While in the extraordinary feats there is always astonishment, in the mundane, through all its simplicity, is a hidden surprise. This is a gallery of what I saw in the mundane in 2013.


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